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How to Use Superior Dental

Superior Dental utilizes your individual social security number rather than a member card, so no card is sent to employees. Instead, you can simply let your Dentist know that you utilize Superior Dental for your insurance, and that they may submit claims using your social security number. For more detailed claims, they may need our Group ID, which is: 2408
Still want to have a card? You can print one by creating an account at: and selecting “View & print Member ID Card. Additionally, you can view and track your dental claims.
All dentists are eligible for benefit coverage under Superior, but can be covered in one of three different plans, the PPO Dentist, the Premier Dentist, and the Nonparticipating Dentist. Be sure to ask your Dentist how he or she works with Superior to best determine how coverage will be applied.
Here’s how our deductibles & benefits break down, depending on how your individual Dentist is covered under Superior’s plans:

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